Who are we? 

Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö is a politically and religiously independent association supporting girls, young women and transgender people between the ages 12 to 30 years.

Our main purpose is providing support to young people. Our association was founded in year 2000. Since then we have, through chat and email, supported and empowered thousands of young people in need of someone to talk to. The reason people contact us can for instance be due to violence (sexual, psychological, physical and/or other types of violence), mental illness, eating disorders, questions about sexuality and/or gender identity, bullying, questions about the body, loneliness and/or self harm. Nothing is too big or too small, all problems are equally important! We listen, we take you seriously, we’re on your side and we support you. The person contacting us can always be anonymous, what is being said stays between us and we have no obligation to report anything to the authorities. However, we can help the person to report a crime to the police or with contacting relevant authorities, should they want to. We always act according to the terms of the person seeking support and their wishes.

Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö also work preventative by visiting schools, participating in festivals, events and fairs. We hold workshops on the subject of sex and consent and feminist empowerment methods in Swedish 7-9 and Upper Secondary classes. You’re always more than welcome to contact us at info@tjim.se

Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö does not consist of experts, we’re not psychologists or therapists. We are girls, young women and transgender people listening to, supporting and empowering other girls, young women and transgender people. No previous experience is necessary to join Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö, but all members have completed our training program and are between 18 and 34 years old.

Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö is a feminist association. Our view on the oppression of women and transgender people is based on a feminist analysis of the power cisgender men have over women and transgender people.

Support our work by swish to 1230681338 or by making a donation to bankgiro 5174-0348.

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