When contacting us you always have the option to be completely anonymous; our conversation will stay between us. Everyone responding to emails and the chat are girls, young women and transgender people. You can talk to us about anything, nothing is too big or too small! We think it’s important regardless of what it is you want to talk about.


Our chat is open Tuesdays and Saturdays between 7pm and 9pm. When it is open you will find the chat in the bottom right corner.

Unfortunately we have had some issues with our chat, please try and login again if you get logged out. You can always email us at prata@tjim.se

When our chat is closed there are often other support organisations that have their chat open; you can find a list of other support associations here! The page is however in Swedish and we can unfortunately not guarantee that all of them are able to communicate in English. 


You can always email us at prata@tjim.se and we’ll answer within two working days.

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